Due to the Ministry of Health directives for COVID-19 I would like to remind you of the following new requirements upon arrival at the clinic.

Please arrive alone, to limit patient interaction.

You and the therapist must wear a face mask (disposable or reusable) for the entire duration of your massage treatment as well as all other time spent within the clinic.

You are required to sanitize your hands upon entering the clinic.  It is strongly suggested to do so when you leave the clinic as well..

Before every appointment I will be sending a COVID-19 screening for you to read and answer.  If you answer "YES" to any of the questions, please call me prior to your appointment so we can talk about whether it is safe for you to come in.

If you develop symptoms within the 24 hour cancellation period to your appointment (even if you think you may just have allergies) we respectfully ask that you reschedule and you will NOT be charged the cancellation fee.

I appreciate your patience and consideration of this new protocol to help minimize risks for everyone.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you.

Matthew Hustler B.Kin (Hons), RMT